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Bleach Cleaning Throughout Your Home

What do you think of when you smell bleach? Does it transport you back to summers in your youth when you spent endless hours at the community or neighbor’s pool? Maybe it reminds you of a clean bathroom. Whatever your association, the bleach is used for the same thing: killing bacteria.

Bleach is a very strong chemical that is very effective in a number of uses. First of all, it is an excellent stain remover. In fabrics, this, of course, is only true of white cloth. Colored cloth, rather than having a stain removed, will become stained white because of bleach. This is why it is important to remember to be careful when using bleach and be wearing work clothes.

Bleach cleaning your surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom is a great and simple way to disinfect and kill bacteria. All you have to do is mix a solution of nine parts water and one part bleach. Dip your cloth in or spray directly on the surface and allow to sit for a minute then rub down and wipe off and you have a disinfected surface.

Another great use for bleach cleaning is for removing mold and mildew. The bathroom most commonly falls victim to this type of growth because of the use of water and the regular permeation of steam. Mold and mildew often grow on the bath or in the shower. Spraying the area with a mixture of water and bleach will do the trick. Allow it to sit for ten minutes and rinse and wipe. For very stubborn mold, use a full concentration of bleach.

Mildew also grows on window ledges and sills as well as around the frames. This can usually be wiped away quite easily with just a wet cloth or a window cleaner but they will not prevent the mold from growing back. Diluted bleach cleaning the window will help remove all of the mildew completely and will prevent growth for a long time after.

Although bleach is highly toxic, it can be used in extremely small amounts to clean water for drinking. If you are planning to store water or just need to drink unclean water you can simply drop some Clorox in. The amount is very, very small; you only need two drops of bleach to each quart! If the water is actually cloudy you can double the amount but definitely do not use more as it will not clean the water any better and will make you sick.

The uses of bleach in cleaning are many and varied. It is a chemical that everyone should have around the house. However, because of its toxic nature and potentially damaging properties, it must be kept well out of reach of children in a place it cannot be spilled from.

Making A Cleaning Schedule For Your Sanity

There is no question that many of us feel that it is difficult to find the time to keep our homes as clean as we want them. The work can easily stack up and soon it seems you will never be able to catch up on all that cleaning. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule can be very simple and make your life much less stressful and much, well, cleaner!

If you decided one day to clean the house, there is little question that you will feel overwhelmed as you go from room to room realizing all that needs to be done. Dividing up the work throughout the week is the best way I have found to keep it from becoming a stressful job that is too much to handle.

First of all, get into the mindset that the entire house will not be completely spotless all at the same time, but the Tampa cleaning services house maids will do the extra mile to make sure my home is cleaned every week. This means it will all be maintained regularly and will not get over dirty, but you may have to give up your visions of having a sparkling home every Saturday. It is well worth the sanity, though!

The first step in creating a cleaning schedule is to make a list of jobs to be done. This should include daily and weekly as well as monthly chores. Now take a look at your week. Determine which days you can handle a little extra cleaning and which need to be light days.

If Tuesdays and Thursdays are your light days, those might be good days to schedule things like extra tidying. On each of these days have a room or two of the house to focus on. Besides your regular daily tidying, on Tuesday also go through papers and take care of any piles or clutter that may be accumulating in the living areas. On Thursday do a little extra or take care of projects in the office or playroom.

On your heavier cleaning days you might make one day, let’s say Monday, for Kitchen cleaning. This can include scrubbing of the sink and a quick wipe down of cupboards, walls and appliances. Maybe the first Monday of each month you can choose a project such as cleaning out a cupboard or scrubbing down the inside of the refrigerator and discarding unneeded food.

You might make Wednesday the day for bathrooms. You will scrub down sink, counters, toilet and bath or shower. Also every other week you might wash the floor mats. This is a good day for changing towels, too.

Of course there are other jobs such as vacuuming and laundry to think about. Determine how often you need to do these and assign them each to a day.

If you thoughtfully prepare and stick to a cleaning schedule (making necessary adjustments as you go) you will have a clean house all week long with only an hour or so of cleaning each day. What a relief!

Cleaning Company & Services Tips

Group Of Janitors In Uniform Cleaning The Office With Cleaning Equipments

A cleaning company is not hard to find. Especially not if you have access to the internet.  The sky is the limit with cleaning companies in NYC. A lot of companies have a lot of different services in professional cleaning. It is everything from the gym to hospitals to parking lots so there should be a solution for everyone. Nowadays there are also many professional cleaning services that provide all kinds of equipment for every cleaning company.


The competition between professional cleaning companies are big as the main agenda in cleaning is to make a certain place clean. A professional cleaning company can compete with their service, reliability, equipment, flexibility, etc. The important thing for the cleaning company is to decide on which area they will stand out from another professional cleaning company. If a certain cleaning company chooses to stand out with their service it is important to give the customer exactly what they want and even a bit more.  Service is not hard to give a costumer but to give a better service than all the other companies can be difficult. Therefore recommendations from costumers could be a very good thing that also makes the cleaning company more reliable. If you even have a website where the recommendations are shown the odds are even better than if they only get spread by the word to mouth method.


The cleaning company can also choose to stand out with the equipment. The difference between equipments are big and if you have the money, you can get good equipment. The big professional cleaning companies mostly have the money to get good equipment while the smaller cleaning companies often have a force on the service area as they know that they must use their abilities on another area.


It is very important for the cleaning company to consider what their trademark should be.


The last years the environment and global warming have made a big impact on the world and to choose to only use ecological cleaning products could be a good trademark. The use of ecological products is both much healthier for the environment and for all of us as we all know. The thing with ecological products is that they’re more expensive than the ones that contain chemicals and that can cause excretion of some of the smaller cleaning companies with a small budget.


A slogan or company name is also important if the cleaning company wants people to remember them. If the decision on the trademark is to use products with no added chemicals a company could be ”GreenClean”. That is a name people remember because it rhymes and people like the thought of healthy cleaning supplies.


There are a lot of considerations when starting a cleaning company. It is important to choose how you want people to see you and it is also crucial that you stand out from the crowd if you want to have success with your cleaning company