3C natural hair is a type of wavy hair that consists of tight curls with volume and to which many strands are attached to form the surface.  3C was created and added to the hair type chart when a type was clearly missing anywhere in the range of 3B and 4A.

     Many women fall into this class, but they still have no idea what this means in terms of hair care products to add to them and how to update these items in their schedules.

     Twists: The most impenetrable Type 3, 3c twists can be comfortably wrapped around a pencil and placed thickly on the head, giving them more volume.  What distinguishes these curves is that they are done well.  This is the reason why the torque class 3c was characterized much later when well processed tight curves could not be classified in the classifications 3b or 4A.

     3c is this kind of twist from another world that remains flawless and appears even 4 days after washing.  In any case, it is also more susceptible to dryness than curves 3a and 3b, since the sebum on the scalp does not have the ability to get curls due to the obstacle caused by it.  This is why you should give up your TLC (Tender Loving Care) in bulk when using it.

     How do I care for my 3c hair?

     Your essential center for managing your 3c twists and creating a hair care system deeply saturates it.  If you have that under control, your tricks will be really good!  Here are some basic things to remember:

     Saturated: We have just noticed that 3c turns tend to dry out and appear dry when not treated well.  In this regard, shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for hydration and satiety should be part of your hair care gun business.  You can also opt for deep form treatment once a week to take this additional increase in hydration into account.

     Get away from this iron: Here’s the thing, girl.  They have dazzling twists that set you apart.  In this line, continue your ironing only once, so as not to impair the well-being or the example of your hair 3c.  Also condition your hair with a protective serum against heat or splash water when using a straightening iron or a torsion bar.