When searching for new apps to use with your Apple Watch you have different options. Apple introduced a new Apple Watch App Store which is accessible through the Apple Watch App on your iPhone or you can go through the regular App Store as well. For more information on how to find luxury designer brands consider Apple Watch fashions.

Apple Watch App – “Search” at the bottom

Apple Watch App Store

To access the Apple Watch App Store you have to open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. At the bottom, you will find the tabs “Featured” where you can browse through the best apps which Apple recommends. This app store is similar to the normal Apple iPhone App Store. Via the tab “Search” you can also search for specific apps and terms. When first launching the app store featured about 3.000 Apple Watch Apps.

Apple iPhone App Store

When browsing the regular Apple iPhone App Store you can also find apps that are compatible with your Apple Watch. It is not as easy as the above-mentioned store since all the watch apps are mixed with the normal iPhone apps. If a certain app offers an Apple Watch version it will be shown by showing a little circled app icon beneath the regular app icon saying “Offers Apple Watch App”. When choosing an app you can see both screenshots for the iPhone app as well as for the Apple Watch app.

Double press digital crown to go back to the last app

If you quickly want to switch back to the last app that you had opened you usually would first press the digital crown once to then tap the little app icon of the app you want to go back to. But with this trick, you can jump right from the current app back to the last app that you had opened.

Double press digital crown

While you have the current app open and you want to switch back to the last app that you were in, just double press the digital crown and it will bring you right back into the last app that you had open before. You can also use this trick while you have the watch face of your Apple Watch activated.

We are sure this trick helps you to navigate and switch between apps more easily.