afro kinky
Afro Kinky Hair – extensions of human hair

  Refrain from using heat or substance straighteners that will damage your hair after a while.  Rather, there are more advantageous elective approaches to styling your hair in the style you need.

  Straight hair is jazzy, beautiful and advantageous, especially for winter.  The problem, in any case, is that a large number of the devices used, for example synthetic straightening and heat, are downright awful for your hair.  After a while, they dry, split the closures, and you end up with straight hair that’s not as attractive as before. Learn more about mynaturalhairextensions.

Here are some of the ways to straighten your natural hair :-

  1. Brush wet hair until dry

  After you wash your hair, allow it to air dry completely, but continue brushing at regular intervals.  Pull and hold each area of ​​hair for a couple of moments to urge it to groom itself.  You can also do this before a fan, which is faster, but requires constant brushing.

  2. Wrap wet hair tightly

  As soon as your hair is wet, brush it and divide it into halves.  Brush the left segment to the side (really, it’s kind of a bald spot) and fold over the back of the head, making sure with bobby pins.  Flip the correct segment over to the left side, wrap it around and anchor similarly.  Let it air dry completely.  You can wrap it up with a silk scarf and think about it to lessen frizz.

  3. Roll up your hair

  Use huge hair curlers, for example the size of pop jars, to move areas of damp hair and secure them firmly against your head.  Let dry completely.  This is significant, because the smallest moisture can cause the twist or wave to return.

  4. At the moment use hands for hair

  Divide the soaked hair into a couple of low pork tails.  Attach with a delicate flexible hair, at that point include additional elastics every inch or so down the pig’s tail, to hold it together.  Make sure the elastics are genuinely free so they don’t leave a recognizable mark on your hair.  Rest up and let it out towards the beginning of the day.

  5. Curl your hair into a bun

  In the first case, if you have genuinely faithful and straight hair, at this point this technique will probably work for you, however it is not powerful on my wavy hair.  Make a braid of damp hair and double as a rope.  Fold in on itself to tie a bow and secure with a versatile.  Let the air dry, at that point brush.