For those who enjoy the refreshing flavor of menthol, Halo’s Subzero Menthol E-liquid offers a potent experience that not only surpasses traditional menthol cigarettes but is also superior to the overwhelming majority of menthol e-liquids currently on the market. When you want the pure, clean flavor of menthol, Halo‘s Subzero Menthol E-liquid delivers.

For more than ten years, Halo has been providing innovative menthol e-liquids and a range of vaping products to consumers with the highest standards. Halo’s menthol e-liquids are made in America using only the finest ingredients, providing a satisfying experience even to the most ardent menthol enthusiasts. Our menthol vape juice comes in nicotine strengths up to 24 mg, so you can experience exactly the level of nicotine you desire.


With the most intense menthol flavor, Halo’s Subzero Menthol E-liquid is loved by users all over the world. Every aspect of engineering, production, and distribution is under our control, ensuring a consistently excellent product that exceeds industry standards. You can be sure that the quality, flavor, and overall experience of our products will surpass your expectations. No matter which flavor you prefer, our products will always be nothing short of excellent.

The Halo Commitment to Excellence

Subzero Menthol E-liquid is a product of hard work and attention to detail — that’s what makes the Halo brand stand out. We don’t rush things to market or cut corners. Every step of the way, we ensure that you receive the highest possible quality e-liquid on the market. Please take a look at how we develop the most popular flavor, from its earliest stages until it’s offered for retail.

Using precision mixing and filling equipment, Halo’s state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Gainesville, Florida, blends the formula with trained chemists. A full range of our premium e-liquid is prepared in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Once the formula is blended, the e-liquid is allowed to steep. The taste and quality depend on the steeping process. This allows the ingredients to marry properly, which enhances the flavor immeasurably. While some vape shops blend e-liquids in-house and to-order, this process seriously compromises the flavor — e-liquids that are not allowed to steep will develop different flavors and characteristics that might not necessarily be desirable. Halo Subzero Menthol E-liquid is already steeped when the bottle is opened, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy the crisp, clean flavor.

Halo is a family-owned manufacturer of quality e-liquids and vaping devices. Since 2009, the Halo brand has been globally recognized for producing exceptional products using sustainable ingredients and innovative production processes. When you want the satisfying experience of a smooth, flavorful vape, Halo always delivers.

Vaprzon’s Guarantee

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